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Harvest Moon  





26th Sep 2009


A Unique EVENT

Dancing displays, featuring

Wyvern Jubilee Morris, with


with songs from         Noeleen n Alex

All details subject to change


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So, what's it all about????


There are many Festivals that feature dancing teams and these dancing teams often visit villages and towns during the year as part of their annual programme.


[I recommend Wimborne, Sidmouth and Swanage Festivals to see dancing in the streets.]


At the SUNRAY FOLK CLUB, we have invited a couple of teams to perform their dancing "IN CONCERT" and maybe describe a little about the dancing- their origins and differing styles.


So, come and see Morris and Appalachian Dancing up close and intimate.


You will be treated to superb displays which are fun and exciting.


Income from the ticket price will be split among the dance teams.


Formed in 1977 to dance at street parties for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, last year saw our 30th anniversary. Some of the original side are still with us.  The Silver Jubilee Badge forms part of our kit and is in the centre of our red, white and blue Baldrics.

The thirtieth anniversary was marked by a number of special events including a birthday weekend dancing with many Morris sides from around the country and a foreign tour. We have recently hosted the International Un-convention of the Illustrious Order of Fools and Beasts.

We reached international stardom in 2007 featuring in the BBC production 'The National Village Show' for at least 30 seconds. In 2008 we managed also to reach another first by dancing out with the only other "1977 Jubilee" side Priston Jubilee Morris.

This year we hope again to equal or surpass the success of last year. You can find us dancing out at various venues during the summer months. See the programme page for details.


About the


Wyvern Badge


Appalachian Dancing as its very best.

And they look as if they enjoy what they are doing...and they do!

Fun and lively.

Alex and Noeleen

will provide some songs and tunes during the evening

to add to the variety making it a very special evening.

This popular duo (part of Murphy's Lore) are regulars at the

Sunray Folk Club.








About the concerts, just so you know what to expect



The Sunray Folk club is offering 

subsidised concerts 

to it's members.

Non-members pay a little extra

  • Same friendly atmosphere

  • Same Licensed Bar

  • Same unique Sunray feel but in a concert setting

  • Doors open at 745pm

  • Concert starts at 815pm

  • Totally Acoustic

  • Open seating

General Rules
  • No photography, except by permission

  • No recording of any performances, other than by the club

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Tickets can be purchased at any Club Night, or reserved by phone/email

Monies must be be received beforehand

All Tickets are held in the buyer's name on the door

07786 654 074

We need contact information (name/address/etc)

We will provide you with an address for monies to be sent to

All tickets are non-refundable




       5 [members]

Membership of the Club is 1, and is available on any club night.


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The Hall layout



Open seating



Layout subject to review/change








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The Sunray Folk Club has it's own Premises License, # CP0046 (28nov07 onward)

The bar is open 8-11pm. Members and Guests only.

The decision of the bar staff/committee is final.


Be aware We are a Members club. Non-Members TICKETS includes membership. 

But...membership can only be purchased at a club night (thursdays)!

We promote sensible drinking.

We may ask for proof of age.

We will not sell to people who appear drunk.

We will not sell to under-age people.

We will not sell to people we think are purchasing for under-age people.

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